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Our purpose is to bring a unique educational music program to young Vietnamese children in the first six years of life. With learnings and exposure gained by participating in our program, children will be equipped with a strong foundation for their lifetime of learning.
Our mission includes three points:
1. To raise awareness about the importance of music education in early years of children.
2. To provide a solid and valuable platform for schools and teachers to deliver music program for Vietnamese children in kindergartens.
3. To create engaging lessons and learning experiences to build essential skills for a whole-child development.

The U Oa Music program was developed by a group of music, early childhood education and child psychology experts. Our team is very enthusiastic about developing a bi-lingual music program for Vietnamese children, not only to help them understand their roots and culture, but also to provide them with new and valuable knowledge as they progress through their educational journey.

Understanding the importance of music in the early years of children's development, the U Oa Music program has been designed with specific outcomes in mind, assisting children in developing holistically in areas such as physical development, language skills, emotion-social skills, critical thinking, and creative thinking.

U Oa Music is an appropriate solution for kindergartens ranging from public to private or bi-lingual. Our system includes ready-to-teach lesson plans as well as classroom startup kits for schools.


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